City of SpheresEdit

Map. Aensetr Derrum is a floating paradise by anyone’s standards. The city is actually several smaller ones put together, each sector built atop and around floating island sections, arranged in a circle with the largest one in the middle. Many of these sectors, known as "Biospheres", have a transparent dome covering it in order aid in keeping the internal environments stable, but this is not always the case. There are many openings within the protective dome to allow airships free passage in and out, but for the larger craft there are Docks located on the rims of the dome, or built on the fringes of the island. The city is ruled by one known as the Administrator, who keeps the city ticking and is responsible for maintaining the safety and peace for the citizens.


Me-kiri- Matoran Sphere
Citadel- Central Sphere
Towers of the Scholars- Knowledge Sphere
Forbidden Realms- Forgotten Spheres
Bo-kiri- Toa Sphere
Endless Sky- Atmosphere surrounding Aensetr Derrum
Mi-kiri- Hydro Sphere (Destroyed by Laryna)
No-kiri- Processing Sphere
Se-kiri- Agriculture Sphere
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