Species Toa
Guild The Kin
Native Unknown
Element Lightning
Weapon Lightning Sword
Creator Hunter Rundas

Alenah is a female Toa of Lightning in the BZPRPG. She is played by member Red Yoshi 64.


Alenah is a more or less novice Toa from a far-off island to the east. She arrived on Metru Nui about a month ago, and, after witnessing a battle between the Kin and Loki, followed a Kin airship to Ga-Metru, where she took part in a battle at the Great Temple, helping to defend it from the United Shadow. Afterwards, she traveled via portal to Saeras Islet, home base of the Kin.

After the Kin was disbanded by Zezak, she, along with Toa of Iron Feriko went into hiding in Le-Metru. Later on, they were discovered by a mutated Toa with the alias Baldur, who was forced by the mad Dr. Hodur to bring them to his laboratory. Alenah has since escaped with the help of other Kin Toa Mora and Tiara, and with them later confronted Baldur and Feriko, both under the control of Hodur, in the Kin Graveyard.