RPG A City Divided
Gender Male
Species Toa
Faction The Order of the Avohkii
Appearance Heavily armored, yet still very sleek. His armor makes him taller and bulkier than most Toa. The armor is a mix of white and silver with blue streaks accenting it. An icy blue light is emitted from the chest armor of the suit, from Aurion's BIO-Reactor.
Element Ice (No Longer Accessible)
Weapon BIO-Reactor Armor
Status Alive
Creator ToaLhikan007

Aurion is a Toa from A City Divided. He is played by BZP member ToaLhikan007.


Aurion is a very noble being, and a heroic aura seems to surround him. He is warm and open to the Matoran of Metru Nui, often in stark contrast to other members of the Order of the Avokhii. He is a hero in every sense of the word, willing to make sacrifices to save those he cares about, he also has more than enough power to do just that.


Aurion fought alongside The Commander and Altior in the battle the Brotherhood of Makuta were defeated in. The leaving of Altior disturbed Aurion, but he is a strong believer in order and so stayed with the Commander, though he does wish the Commander would be more open to those he leads. Aurion spends his days either patrolling or tinkering, creating weapons for the Order.

After finding Lewa Nuva's Catalyst with two other Order Toa, Aurion worked to turn half of the Catalyst (an odd goo that allowed teleportation) into a portal for the Order. After several hours of work, Aurion activates the device. The Order is now capable of dispatching agents from their base to virtually any location in an instant.

After this, there were several break-in attempts to the Coliseum, all of which Aurion and his fellow Order Toa, Terovik, were able to thwart. It was at this point in time that Aurion and Terovik recieved a notice about Knight of Abomination Karnij rampaging through Ga-Metru. Using the newly-designed teleporter, both Toa appear in Ga-Metru.

After a battle Aurion is severly wounded and lay dying. Thanks to the swift action of Terovik, Aurion is saved. As Aurion is being worked on by the medical team, a piece of his armor falls away, revealing a blueprint for an advanced BIO-Reactor he has built into himself. Suddenly, Aurion's heartlight stops. After a few moments, the BIO-Reactor kicks in, giving the medical team 30 minutes to build a stronger version and save Aurion's life.

Once Aurion wakes up, he sees that the BIO-Reactor is active and then reveals to the medic who operated on him, Xiana, an old friend, that once the BIO-Reactor has started, it does not turn off. Instead, it constantly taps his elemental energy to keep his body going, as a result, his elemental powers are blocked. Aurion also reveals that the BIO-Reactor would only work if activated by another Toa's elemental energy, so Terovik inadvertatently activated it when he saved Aurion in Ga-Metru.

Xiana also informs Aurion about a "Mark 2.0" design activating during his surgery. Aurion reacts immediately, freeing himself from the medical equipment and attempting to reach his room for a now-unknown purpose.