The Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an was a large organization on Terros-Nui, created by the player Evangelion Unit-04 in early January 2006. They were considered one of the main antagonistic organizations at the time. They were best known for their ability to summon a very large variety of undead. Most of the players who once made it up have since left the BZPRPG. A modern incarnation was revived in 2013.

Formation and StructureEdit

The Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an was originally formed when Verak Sunslayer (one of the last remaining Nogans) and Aegis Zakris (a powerful Rahkshi) began to worship an Archangel known as Ak'rei'an. They worked together to carve a temple in his name out of a mineral known as Purple Lightstone, creating the base that would later be called Blackmine. Due to a combination of the porperties of Purple Lightstone and a variety of runes and arcane formula, Ak'rei'an was able to manifest within the confines of Darkmine. Here he taught them how to tap his power and use Purple Lightstone to summon undead. They would later recruit many other followers, and eventually expanded to having bases in over half the regions of Terros-Nui.

Brotherhood of Darkness / Cult of Ak'rei'an splitEdit

At some point in 2007, the Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an split into two groups: The Brotherhood of Darkness, and the Cult of Ak'rei'an, following the defeat of the Dark Angel Ak'rei'an at the hands of two of his disciples, Lyse Arcana (who formerly believed himself to be Aegis Zakris) and Verak Sunslayer (a prominent Nogan). Following this event, the Brotherhood of Darkness ironically brought stability to many of the regions making up Terros-Nui, as, being the largest organization on the island (having somehow surpassed both CORtech economically and Kedervi Vanguard in military prowess), they were the only ones equipped to deal with The Exiles and their army of ProtoToa. What became of the Cult of Ak'rei'an is as of yet unknown.


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