Species Makuta
Kanohi Krahkaan, Mask of Shadows; formerly, Mask of Kanohi Mimicry
Power All Basic Six Elements, all Makuta powers & Shadow
Status Deceased

Cyraedra is the central antagonist/villain in the RPG, A Midnight Grey. He serves as the dictator of the Dawn faction, overseeing actions throughout his faction, plotting and masterminding events towards his rule and power throughout the course of his life and the AMG continuity.

He was killed by Arkhaan, though he was able to fatally wound the Dusk leader before his death.


Cyraedra spent the beginning of his existance as did most Makuta - a footsoldier in the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Years passed, and while the Matoran believed all Makuta to be dead, an entirely new evil had descended upon them: a horrible plague of monsters called Varunem - despised, in their language - terrorized the citizens of Mata-Nui. Cyraedra made his reappearance by arriving on the shores of Mata-Nui and immediately dispelled the Varunem, calling himself none other than the great Mata-Nui.

His subsequent rise to power was swift - those unconvinced of his nature were soon converted by his many great acts and deed. However, this benevolent reign began darkly morphing into a tyrant's rule. One Matoran, Arkhaan, dared to questioned Mata Nui's motives and the validity of his claims. The next day, Arkhaan had all but vanished and the Varunem had returned. Fearful of invoking his wrath further, the Matoran began to work without cease.