Species Makuta
Faction Vataar Corps
Native Unknown, Presumably Destral.
Power 42 Kraata Powers and certain Shadow powers
Weapon An ornate black staff tipped with a deadly blade
Status Alive
Creator King of the Vahki

Draka (BZRPG)Edit

Draka is of the Makuta species. He has recently allied with a creature called Vataar.


Draka like all Makuta, once worked on creating Rahi. During the BoM-Dark Hunter war, Draka sold information to the Dark Hunters for a hefty price. Unfortunately,the Brotherhood soon found out about this and Draka was forced to flee for his life.

Upon emerging from hiding, Draka allied with the Dwarf Makuta Phinzon in a attempt to take over Metru Nui. He and Phinzon raided a old BoM outpost and Draka found some Cravings that described how to make Shadow Leeches and Exo-Toa among other things. During this time, Draka resided in a old tower at the edge of Le-Metru. However, chaos soon consumed the island and Draka was forced to flee when his tower came under direct attack, he managed to save a few of his notes and some other items, he had taken shelter in a burnt out building when he was suddenly transported to Frigus-abeo.

Normally, Draka could have resisted the biting cold, but he had wasted much of his energy in defense of his tower and he was unable to stop the ice as it slowly froze him. He was frozen for a long while, but a being called the Clown rescued him. Not long after this he encountered a being called Vataar who made Draka an offer he saw great advantage in, thus he could not refuse. Is should be noted that due to the many years he spent in hiding, Draka is not as skilled as a normal Makuta in a fight, he is in fact, decidingly unskilled.


Draka is pragmatic, calm and acts as though he is in complete control of the current situation-whatever that situation might be. He is a buisness being first and foremost. He values wealth and power-and it is his belief that the key to wealth and power is approaching every situation as a buisness being and nothing else. Though he has a vengful streak about him, overall he is quite calm unless provoked.

Notable CreationsEdit

During his time in the Brotherhood, Draka was rumored to have created a few Rahi Species.Including the Dagger Spider, Nui Rama and Nui-Jaga. In addition to these, Draka has recently created 3 Rahkshi and many Shadow Matoran, though these did not survive the chaos that consumed Metru-Nui.