Species Vyshana (Toa-Like
Guild None
Appearance Dark blue body, hands and feet, with green limbs. Blue eyes. Tall - over 2 metres.
Power Energy manipulation. Can control the elemental energies present, but is not able to conjure them like a normal toa would.
Element None. See power.
Status Alive
Creator Joshua the Drummer

Hua is a character in the BZPRPG. He is the only character Joshua the Drummer currently is playing.


Hua is an rather anti-social person, shy, and has difficulties "reading" other peoples emotions. This sometimes lead to the fact that someone could clearly show that he hates him, but Hua doesn't notice. Hua could also think that someone hates him, while in fact that loves him. Hua doesn't like being helped, or requiring it. He therefore does not ask for it quickly, and will turn down most offers.