Species Toa
Group Dusk
Appearance Toa whose armour is based on Norik Hagah. Tall and rather elegant. Rather lean, but not puny-looking. Bright orange eyes that sparkle with liveliness. Green armour with blue as a secondary colour. Mask is in the shape of a Miru
Element The Green (Plant Life)
Status Alive
Creator The Power That Is

Jannifai is a prominent Toa of the Dusk. She is played by The Power That Is.


Jannifai originally came from a peaceful island where all she had to deal with was Rahi, and even then with seven other Toa to help. She left for Metru Nui where ignorance and her naturally bubbly personality led her to often bite off more than she can chew. After being captured a few times she became much more cautious. This caution did not stop her being killed by the then-Praetorian Tz'kes. She was later resurrected in a new body after Tz'kes unleashed the power of Life in an effort to stave off a vengeful Maka.

It is possible that Jannifai has been romantically attached to both Maka and Aphon

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A Toa of the Green she wields the Shifter (a weapon capable of changing form to suit the user's needs) and uses the Kanohi Birak, Great Mask of Talent (allows the wearer to incease any one of their skills or abilities).

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