Lab assistant to Makuta and Rhadel
Species Rahkshi
Group Dawn
Power Shapeshifting
Weapon Staff of Shapeshifting
Status Deceased
Creator The Original Munki

Kanrahk was a Rahkshi of Shapeshifting in A Midnight Grey. He was played by The Original Munki.

Kanrahk was the lab assistant to Rhadel, and participated in both Project Artahka and Project Karzahni, as well as other twisted experiments.

Once the lab assistant to the Makuta of Metru Nui, Kanrahk now serves the Dawn. Originally this was out of some warped need for repentance after the fall of the Brotherhood, though perhaps he caught a whiff of the true nature of the organization. Whatever his original reasons, Kanrahk's loyalty was only strengthened by the discovery that the ruler of the Dawn and Metru Nui, "Mata Nui", was actually the Makuta Cyraedra.

Kanrahk's first big moment in AMG occured when he kidnapped the Dusk Toa Aktamu, overseeing the process of torture, brainwashing and mutation (minus anesthetic) that turned the young Toa into Rage, as well as the transformation of Retribution.

He discovered a new way to produce Kraata, and by extension Rahkshi, without the need for a Makuta, since Cyraedra could no longer make Kraata himself. Six new Rahkshi were created, dubbed the Sons of Makuta. Kanrahk promised that eventually this force will grow into an army, which would render the Dawn obsolete.

Kanrahk was killed by Kryon before the final battle of A Midnight Grey.


Kanrahk was a cunning schemer. He was also arrogant, cruel and unsympathetic, and regarded all non-Dawn (and most of the Dawn) as his inferiors. He had little regard for the laws of nature, or the sanctity of life.

Kanrahk was very knowledgeable in the fields of protodermis studies, biology, and biomechanical engineering.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kanrahk had the power to shapeshift into anything of equal or lesser mass. Normally a shapeshifter must stick to shapes of a similar mass to their own, but Kanrahk was able to convert the excess mass into energy and store it in his Staff of Shapeshifting. This Staff also shares his power, and can become any weapon.

Kanrahk had demonstrated many shapes, including: a Matoran, a Toa, several specific beings such as Rhadel, a "horror form" which combines various frightening elements (lots of fangs and teeth and things) to instill fear in enemies, various Rahi such as an Ice Bat or canine Kavinika, fire, liquid, and a wisp of smoke.