RPG A City Divided
Gender Male
Species Toa
Faction The Guardians
Appearance A Toa covered head to toe in horrific burns, giving him a mutilated black colour. He wears a simple black blindfold over his eyes, hiding some noticeably worse burns.
Element Lightning
Status Alive
Creator Grunty 2.0

Kasnul is a character created by Grunty 2.0 for the RPG, A City Divided.


Kasnul's history is mostly unknown, but it is known that early in his career as a Toa he was abducted by an organisation suspected to be the remnants of the Dark Hunters. They began burning him - severely - for a reason Kasnul never understood. It certainly wasn't torture with intent of getting information out of him because no questions were asked. Regardless, years of being burnt without cease shook him. His grip on his sanity was loosened, his team had vanished and his will to live was almost extinguished.

Metru Nui provided a new light for Kasnul. A purpose. He immediately enlisted in the Order of the Avokhii as it was the closest thing to being a hero once again. However, the Order's methods disturbed him slightly. These were not the values of a Toa. He split from the group along with Altior to form the Guardians.

In A City DividedEdit

Kasnul ended up in Ko-Metru, wandering through the snowdrifts. Soon enough he encountered the being known only as 8021 and demanded that he identify himself. 8021 seemed about to engage him before he left to pursue something else. Kasnul followed him from a distance.

8021 led the blind Toa to Sernessa, who was fighting off Vahki and officers of the Order of the Avohkii at the time. When he tried to intervene he was attacked by the vicious Shadow Matoran, Zarak. The two did battle, although Kasnul underestimated the fighting skills of a mere Matoran. This allowed Zarak to gain the upper hand and the Matoran left him with yet another scar: an X over his heartlight. Kasnul was not amused and it is expected that the grudge won't die for a long while.

After the Order captured Sernessa, Kasnul was jumped by a Vahki.2. He ended up falling out of the Knowledge Tower he had been fighting on with it, although he had managed to drive his swords into the side to stop his fall while the Vahki tumbled to its doom. He is currently making his way towards Ta-Metru.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Kasnul is a Toa of Lightning, and as such can create, absorb and manipulate electricity in many ways through his elemental power. He wears the Kanohi Elda, Mask of Detection, which allows him to detect the existance of significant objects.

His most unique ability is derived from using his electrical control and his Kanohi in conjunction. Partly by detecting electrical fields around him and the bioelectricity given off by living creatures and partly by using his Elda on a passive level, he can form a cohesive image of his surroundings instantaneously in his mind. While he originally had to concentrate to do this, it has now become little more than instinct.

He is a proficiently skilled swordsman, strategist and surprisingly enough, artist.