Likeron, Toa of Air

Species Toa
Faction Order of the Xa-Kûta
Native Zuto Nui
Element Air
Weapon None
Status Alive
Creator Emzee


Likeron is a Toa of Air, and is Emzee's main protagonist. He mourns over the loss of his mother, Niici, who was erased from existence by Worula in an effort to keep her from obtaining the Sapphire Crystal. When Ma-Taru and his minions took over, Likeron and his close friend, Nesira, resolved to return to the fallen city and rescue the population that didn't evacuate the city in time.

Likeron does not have any melee weapons, instead channeling his elemental powers through his hands and manipulating his element with his mind. He is very skilled at hand-to-hand combat, with skills similar to Martial Arts and Kickboxing. He is fairly strong, but his spirit and determination can sometimes be weak because of stress and heartache. He is known to lose his composure when times are extremely hard and devastating, breaking down into sobs and almost giving everything up.


This Toa has had a rough history. His father was a ruthless murder, taking the lives of countless innocents. His mother, Niici, was killed by Toa Worula, the leader of the fallen city of Zuto Nui. After a chaotic war with neighboring guilds, the flying object containing the Great Being Mata Zuto crashed into the city. Aboard the flying spaceship was a mask -- the Kanohi Ma-Taru, which was a container for the evil spirit of Death. However, the crash caused the spirit to seep out of the destroyed mask and suck the life out of the Great Being, killing him.

Likeron knows that now that Mata Zuto is dead, no more universes can be created. Without universes, no more life can be created to life in them. He now travels with Nesira and Zyklonn. His quest is to defeat Ma-Taru, free the Zuto Nuiian slaves, and find the Sakai Orb, a gift to this Universe from Metru Zutra, another Great Being. With this orb, Zyklonn will use it to create another Great Being to continue the creation of universes.

While on their quest, Likeron, Nesira, and Zyklonn met Turaga Lekori, Likeron's older brother and a veteran of past BZPRPG wars. He urges them to follow him to Saeras Islet where the Kin are, in hopes that they will help them. They stay at that island, learning the customs and skills that they have to offer until the dreadful attack by the United Shadow. The entire island is wiped clean just seconds after the group of four evacuate. The times that followed would not be easy, and during the chaos, Zyklonn got separated from the other three. It was only by chance that they happened to meet back on the very island they thought was gone forever: now called Lightbringer Isle.

The four have allied with Spade, Toa of Plant Life and former Colonel and are planning an effort to rescue the citizens from Zuto Nui and obtain the Sakai Orb.

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