Manik is a Knight. He has the element of Ice and wears a Great Calix. The second Knight to be created, Manik is cold and sarcastic, taking every opportunity to laugh at someone's misery.

History Edit

Unlike many of the other Knights, Manik was an evil Toa long before his fateful meeting with Eepok. Just what drove him to turn from a noble Toa to sneering, back-stabbing criminal is not known, although the smart money is on "life-altering trauma".

Sometime in the distant past, Manik was recruited to the Dark Hunters, where he had a special role in the Shadowed One's organization: intimidation. Manik would frequently be assigned to essentially become a nightmare for the beings who didn't pay the Dark Hunters for services rendered. Reflecting back on his days in the Dark Hunters, Manik would fondly recollect these missions: they greatly suited his talent for striking fear in the hearts of others.

Manik's service in the Dark Hunters, unfortunately, came to a halt with the Finishing of Shadow. With the criminal organization in ruins and the remaining Hunters now the Toa's hunted, Manik fled to the most unlikely of places: Zakaz. By his logic, the Toa wouldn't expect any rational being to flee to that Mata Nui-forsaken place; thus, going to Zakaz was Manik's guaranteed ticket out of the Toa's hands.

As it was however, Manik had escaped the Toa's hands only to end up in a different set of claws entirely. Within minutes of landing on the shore, Manik was ambushed by a Skakdi mob. Badly mutilated by the attack, Manik lay as still has he could, pretending to be dead; taken in by the ruse, the mob left him be and went in search of other victims.

For three days and nights, Manik lay on the sand. So vicious had the Skakdi's attack been, Manik's arms and legs were useless. It only seemed a matter of time before Manik succumbed to starvation and thirst... until a pair of bright red feet stepped in front of him.

(To Be Continued...)

Abilities Edit

His secondary power is Invisibility and his physical mutations are the vast array of spikes that cover him like icicles.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Manik is identical to the Manik in Cap'n Bionicle's older RPG, The Deep; the two possess the same appearance, personality, and almost identical powers (the original Manik could not turn invisible). This is no doubt caused by the two characters being controlled by The Power That Is.