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Species Mutated Toa
Group Dark Hunters
Element Fire / Ice
Status Alive, mutated
Creator Mord

Mordashira is a character made by Mord for the RPG, A Midnight Grey.


Mord is fire toa who came to the island of Metru-Nui before the events of A Midnight Grey. He is a member of the mercenary group, The Dark Hunters, and is now extremely loyal to their leader, Jira.

That wasn't always so. In the beginning, Mord was a rebellious member, and participated in a coup, with Aggrak, Daedalus, Carcharak, and Mordiacc.

Mord participated actively in the coup against Jira, and before protest, killed Jira. But as Mord was taking the body back to the base when he was ambushed by two cloaked figures who turned out to be agents of Rhadel.

When Jira came back, Mord ran. On this chase, he led the barakki Carcharak through the archives, and up to Mata-Nui. Eventually, Mord was captured, and confined to the base. After many weeks, Mord was taken to the lab by the two cloaked figures he met before. These two had become Jira's bodyguards.

Mord was changed immensely. His wings were removed, deemed 'Useless.' His right arm was removed, and in it's place was put a mechanical arm, containing blades, a grapple, spikes, and other various blades and projectiles. His memory was modified so that he now holds Jira in the highest esteem possible. His color was also changed, the black and red turning to white and teal.


Mordashira is a relatively friendly toa, with a darker side on humor. But his past has turned him into a hardened warrior showing little emotion. His most trusted friend is his sword, and uses people only as he chooses. He has befriended the Skakdi Aggrak, and Mordiacc. But when his memory was modified, the one person he considered great was Jira. The memory modification made him loyal and praising of Jira.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mord originally had access to the element of Fire, but later gained a secondary power of Ice. He wears a Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel, which allows him to teleport short distances. He originally had the ability to fly, but this was lost with the removal of his wings. In addition, Mord right arm was taken off, and a mechanical limb was added, acting like a large Swiss Army Knife. It includes blades, projectiles, a grappling hook, and other assorted weapons.

Recent HappeningsEdit

Recently, Mord chased after Jira, who was going to Rhadel after the doctor sent out a message for all of his experiments. The doctor planned to rebel against the Makuta Cyaedra, or Mata-Nui. Mord stepped out after pretending to be one of Rhadel's mind-controlled mutants. They fought, and Mord ended up decapitating the mad doctor, and freeing Jira and the other mind-slaves.