Species Carrex
Group Dark Hunters
Appearance A bipedal, reptilian figure. Similar to a Toa apart from the fingers (too long), the feet (which have five clawed toes), the head (which looks like a Maskless Toa's face, only flatter, longer and shaped a bit like a diamond) and the addition of a tail (extendable. Can go from being a short stump that barely raches his ankles, to a dextrous fifth limb that is a bio long).
Element Fire
Status Alive
Creator The Power That Is

Mordiacc is a Dark Hunter from the Carrex species. He is played by The Power That Is in A Midnight Grey.


The Carrex are a race that dwelled on islands around the planet's equator. But then came the Matoran...Wherever the two species met there was conflict and violence, as the Carrex were branded freaks by the Matoran. This was a time when Toa were plentiful, and, although blessed with many abilities, the Carrex were driven off all but one island. Fearing extinction, they called out for help. To the Dark Hunters. With that organisation's help, the Carrex were able to stabilise themselves on the Last Island. To pay for services rendered, the Carrex donate 10 of their number each year to the Dark Hunters ranks.

Mordiacc (a word from Carrex tongue meaning Death From Above) is one of the more veteran tributes. He has been with the Dark Hunters for many years. He hates Toa with a passion, so when he fights them, he fights with sheer fury, doing immense damage. But he is not cruel. He goes to great lengths not to become sadistic. He dispatches foes with swiftness, giving them an honourable death. He never indulges in torture. He has a code of honour, and he sticks by it.

Mordiacc took part in the Ko-Metru hunt for the so-called 'Ignikaspawn', aiding Jira himself. He was a lesser conspirator in the coup to overthrow Jira. While he knew about the plans he did not take an active part in them, instead merely waiting to take advantage where he could. He attempted to apprehend Kryon after the theft of the Suva, but failed. When Jira disappeared he led the Ko-Isa Dark Hunters to a revolt in Le-Metru

Not to be confused with Mordashira, who, during the short-lived coup, cancelled the Carrex's yearly contributions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Carrex he has numerous talents. His eyes can move independantly of each other, his organic parts are covered in a scaly hide (tough, but not as good as real armour). He can produce a Bio-gravitational field which lets him cling to any solid surface at any angle (earning him the name). He can also regenerate lost organs. If an arm is chopped of, he grows a new one. This is a painful process, and if he is forced to do it continuously he will drop dead of exhaustion. He cannot heal cuts and bruises. Also, he is vulnerable to cold temperatures. They make him drowsy and sluggish.