RPG Bionicle Kingdoms
Species Toa
Group Former Monk, Currently Unaffiliated
Element Earth
Status Alive
Creator Mr. J


Mylon’s life before becoming a Toa is unknown to him; he believes he was sent by Mata-Nui to preach the ways of the good. However, this most likely is not true. When Mylon first woke up, he realized he was blind, and panicked causing hi to destroy a nearby house.

Gradually Mylon adjusted to the darkness, and stepped out of his canister, which had landed on unknown island, a group of Toa monks found him, and told him to become a monk like them. Mylon may have not knew anything about his path, but he obliged, hoping the monks could tell him of his past. However, they did not no, and instead told him he had been sent by Mata-Nui to help the Monks against darkness.

The monks begin his training, teaching how to wield his elemental powers, and how to make up for his blindness. He soon became well known, and Mylon begin to believe he was Mata-Nui’s last hope for the world, but he had no idea of how to spread his words. Before could act, an army of Shadow Matoran, along with other nefarious beings had arrived, they were led by a Makuta Vulgaris, a general named Talvis. The army destroyed the base, and killed all of the monks, except Mylon, he was told to flee and find the light. Mylon headed to Metru-Nui were he thought the light could be found, however, he is slowly succumbing to revenge…


Mylon is extremely wise and is solitary, preferring to work alone though. Mylon’s blindness has caused people to see him as a weak Toa, however he claims he has a very spiritual ability thanks to his blindness. He can apparently see the good and evil within a person. He believes that is the only way he can make up for not being able to see. He sees himself as a pure being born in the chaos of the Kingdoms. As he is a monk, he is extremely spiritual and is constantly making prayers before a battle.

Powers and Abilities

As a Toa of Earth, he has total control over it, able to create earthquakes, or make the infamous Earth pillars often used by Earth Toa.