The Makuta Vulgaris, Talvus, is a former member of the league, who is currently tracking the Toa known as Mylon, a monk from an island that Talvus had slaughtered. He is a character in Bionicle Kingdoms and is played by ==Mr. J==.

RPG Bionicle Kingdoms
Gender Male
Species Makuta Vulgaris
Faction Rogue Vulgaris
Element Shadow, Laser Vision
Status Murdered
Creator Mr. J


Talvus was created on the island known as Destral about 10,000 (Exact years of Vulgaris birth is unknown.) years ago before the current Bionicle Kingdoms storyline. He was created, along with the other Makuta Vulgaris in an attempt to create a replacement for the loss of the many Makuta who had fallen. He and his sister were born at the exact same time and became closely linked together.

When Talvus stepped into the world, he was trained by Icarax (BK) in the ancient arts of swordsmanship and battle. Over time Talvus became more and more like the Makuta General, Antroz. Any attempts to break this ‘programming’ were unsuccessful but eventually forgotten due to Talvus’s success.