RPG The Gate
Species Mutant Toa/Kikanalo Fusion
Group The Storm, Loyalist Storm
Appearance Basically a Bionicle centaur: from the waist up, he is a Toa; from the waist down, a four-legged Kikanalo beast.
Status Deceased
Creator Cap'n Bionicle

Colonel Orsion was a minor character in The Gate, a prominent member of the Storm, often considered its unofficial leader after the death of Zenn and honorary colonel of the Metru Nui army. He was known to strive for equality and cooperation with Metru Nui, a philosophy that often contrasted with that of Nezka, who wanted nothing to do with them, only seeking revenge on the Brotherhood for mutating them. When Nezka split off from the Storm and formed the Tempest, Orsion became leader of those that remained.

Orsion was a veteran of many battles. He fought in the Battle of the Coliseum alongside Zenn, though his first appearance in-game was only after the fight had been won. His differences with Nezka first became apparent in the Battle of Sessen, which was another victory, though at the cost of the Storm's leader Zenn, further pulling the faction apart.

Orsion survived these battles and came with the Metru Nui army to Nuva Nui, and then Chronark Nui. On Nuva Nui, the Storm split into the two factions known today as the Loyalist Storm (or just Storm for short), led by Orsion himself, and the Tempest, renegades led by Nezka.

On Chronark Nui, Orsion and his fellow Storm joined up with fellow victim of the Brotherhood Kroxzyar, to find the Warrior-turned-Hybrid Ultan, and to get themselves cured at the Experimentation Temples across the Great Desert.

However, others were after Ultan as well, for their own purposes. The Shepherds of Fate, led by Ultan's former second-in-command Fenlaur, learned of their leader's capture and attacked the Storm. Although Krox and Ultan had already gone ahead to the Crystal Caverns, part of the Storm stayed behind to act as decoys and were killed by the powerful Shepherds. Orsion put up a fight, but was ultimately shot to death by Fenlaur.