Pakiro, Toa Prismeva of Stone
Species Toa
Faction Ex-Kin
Native Po-Terros
Power Stone element-based
Element Stone
Weapon Terra Staff
Status Alive
Creator Pakiro



When Pakiro was a Matoran, he was a very care-free one. He spent all of his time in Po-Terros, only leaving to either run errands, or to train with Kimetzu in Ga-Terros. Eventually, he had gotten so far in his training, that Kimetzu gave him permission to train at the Academy.


At the Academy, Pakiro was one of the strongest Stone Toa on the field. However, once he was put on a team with Lukas. He hated his leader. Not because he was weak, which he wasn't, but because he was a jerk. He had named their team "Team Worthless", and he treated the others like underlings.

Eventually, graduation came. They would have been highest in class, but thanks to Lukas mouthing off to an Elite, they were demoted. All of the Toa were picked, and inaugrated into groups. Except them. The six Toa were the only ones left. Finally, Kimetzu came at the end of the day, and he took them home, as his own Toa team, to train them some more.


Throughout the next 500 years, they would be sent on missions by Kimetzu to help the Greater Good. One involved the capture of a member of the ex-Order agent Trinuma's species. However, Pakiro noticed that they had not removed the creature's Mohtrek, and he had realized too late. Lukas was busy collecting the credit, when it had destroyed their elemental energies from within.

However, Kimetzu had given them special weapons that could redirect their elemental energies to their willing. To that, Pakiro chose the name "Toa Prismeva" as a team name.

Team LossesEdit

Pakiro was present when Lukas had chosen to sacrifice Lentok over himself. He was not there for the murder of Vatakian, but he did notice the frost marks during the funeral.

Final ClashEdit

Finally, him and Sontarak had tracked him down one day o a secret cave in Ko-Terros, which revealed his plans to overthrow the Great Spirit and destroy the universe. Pakiro had attempted to stop him, but he was easily overthrown.

He awoke to find Sontarak presumed dead(actually with the Brotherhood at the time) and Nelah missing(in another domed universe becoming a musician). He had continued his training with Kimetzu until he had heard rumors of masks that could awaken an evil Great Spirit.

Metru NuiEdit

Elementa HuntEdit

He had gone to the island of Metru Nui, the one place he had vowed never to return to. He had attempted to attack Kesolis for his mask, until he learned of the Kin, and of a "weak young Toa" who possessed a mask.


He had been called back to Ga-Terros by Kimetzu, who was joined by Onukai and Pokai, two old friends of his who had been trying to find him on Metru Nui. The four had decided to travel togeher to the City of Legends to find the masks as a team.

The KinEdit

The ProphetsEdit