Gender Male
Species Cyborganic Toa
Guild Kin (BZPRPG)
Kanohi Kanohi Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis
Native Le-Metru
Element Electricity
Weapon Twin Lightning Blasters, Chained Lightning Blade
Status Missing in Action
Creator Pohaka

Pohaka is a Cyborganic Toa in the BZPRPG. He is played by his namesake, Pohaka.


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Early LifeEdit


Despite managing to enjoy the Academy, Pohaka believed that it was an insult to Toa for corrupting their true duty. He kept his thoughts hidden, however.

Pohaka was present at the Hunters' attack on the Academy, which was secretly a test on Zyrul's part to find skillful Toa as possible allies and root out the weak. Pohaka was one of few who proved themselves, working together with VMN to defeat a Hunter, before Zyrul himself stepped in to end the attack.

When Zyrul unveiled 'Takanuva' to the Acads to earn their trust, Pohaka was unconvinced. His suspicions aroused and still frustrated about the fact that Zyrul had done nothing for the Toa who died in the Hunters attack, Pohaka went to Zyrul's office to ask him a few questions. Several other students who mistrusted Zyrul followed Pohaka, and the resultant interrogation led to two students, Seshu and Razekiel, attacking the "Minority" on Zyrul's behalf.

Pohaka escaped with a few injuries and began planning the next course of action with other like-minded Toa.



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