Species Skakdi
Group The Swarm
Element Fire
Status Alive
Creator Grunty 2.0

Ruktaro is a character created by Grunty 2.0 for the RPG A City Divided.

Background StoryEdit

Anyone who tries to research on Ruktaro's history finds themself knee-deep in missing information, dead ends and possibly their own blood (Ruktaro doesn't like people snooping around, you see). What is known for certain is that he now works for the Ignika - of his own free will. His motivations for doing this are too shrouded in mystery.

In A City DividedEdit

(...Give me a moment!)

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ruktaro has elemental control over Fire - full elemental control able to function on his own without working in conjunction with another Skakdi. The reasons for this are unknown but some attribute it to his mutations.

His most disturbing attribute is his Horror Vision. Through eye contact alone, he can project images of unimaginable terror into the minds of his opponents, often raking up bad memories and guilts. He has been known to stalk murderers and such for days, waiting for the ideal moment to give them a blast of it and watch them loose their minds to their guilt. He sees this as a fair punishment.

And yes, he can watch you loose your mind. Inside your head. He is also a telepath who can read minds and project mesasges and images into the heads of others. He often uses the latter in conjunction with his Horror Vision to influence the images for maximum effect.