RPG A City Divided
Gender Male
Species Toa
Faction The Order of the Avohkii
Appearance A tall black Toa with spiked armour. There are streaks of blue across his chest which glow when he is weakened; their glow is theraputic and can repair damaged armour in moments.
Element Gravity
Weapon Crescent Blade
Status Alive
Creator Kumata Nuva

Ryraas is a Toa in A City Divided. He is played by BZP member Kumata Nuva.


Ryraas had admired the Toa Nuva ever since he was a Matoran. He had experienced a chance encounter with them on Metru Nui and was awed by their heroic qualities. After learning that they were destined to awaken the Great Spirit, he was overjoyed. His happiness was shattered when they failed in their task. The universe was not returned to light, and even though the forces of good crushed Destral soon after, Ryraas never felt the same. His idols had failed to meet his expectations. Over time he has convinced himself of what he thinks must be done – finish what the Nuva started, including finding those vessels and using their energy to awaken the Great Spirit – and will stop at nothing to achieve it!