RPG A Hollow Cry
Species Rahkshi
Group Brotherhood of Makuta
Appearance image
Element Darkness
Status On an unkown mission
Creator Lord Zedd

Shanrahk is a Rahkshi of darkness who was featured in A Hollow Cry.

History Edit

Life before Kora Nui

Shanrahk as a Kratta was created 95,000 years before the events of Kora Nui.He was the first Kratta to reach the stage 7 shadow level and also the first to have his own mind and speak Matoran. He led the brotherhood armies for several years alongside Infessted Teran. After Infessted defected, Shanrahk breifly led the army himself but after a failed raid on Karzahni he was demoted to a singular oprative.

Kora Nui

Shanrahk arrived on the island during a battle between the Borhterhood agents and the Dark Hunters. Due to his nature Shanrahk frequantly "acted leader" for the early part, much to the anouyence of the others. He quickly developed a strained relationship with the Skakdi Vezak and had a grudging respect for the spider-like Sirjeika. He acted as the de-facto leader on a few ocaisons. Prior to a raid on Anxeria Shanrahk recived a new "weapon" in the form of Kharnahs. A vicious creature made of fire and flame. He used his new steed to turn the tide of a few battles, and later helped kidnap Lina. After the Lina ordeal Shanrahk and the other agents made a pact with the Dark Hunters to take out the Toa as they were common enemies. This new alliance proved to be deadly and they recived a victory over the toa. During another Anxeria attack the Great Beings ummoned a volcano to kill everybody on the island, Shanrahk was whisped away by Makuta.

He would then be sent on a mission to "Lands End" but he has not yet returned.

Personality and traits Edit

Shanrahk is a ruthless, heartless, and wicked creature who frequantly takes charge and has a rather pompous personality and has a tendency to go on semi-long speeches before major battles. He hates Toa, Matoran, Turaga, and Skakdi. The latter because he considers them mindless brutes, and the former three for obvious reasons. It is for this reason his relationship with the other Brotherhood agents is strained and often result in frequant bickering and arguments. He considers himself to be the most highly respected of all Makuta servents and the most indapendent Rahkshi. However he is still single-minded and loyal to Makuta, who considers Shanrahk a pawn like everybody else.

Despite his faults Shanrahk is still a highly skilled and powerful fighter. He is able to manipulate and control darkness to a large extent and can summon Kharnahs to help him in more dificult fights.