Species Toa/Vortixx hybrid
Group Dawn
Kanohi Pyrii, Mask of leech. Lets the user drain the energy of an opponent
Power Creates psychokinetic gemstones
Weapon The Umbrella, an adaptible, multi-bladed sword. Her gemstones
Status Alive
Creator The Power that Is

Sybria is a high-ranking agent of the Dawn in A Midnight Grey. She is played by The `Power that Is.

Sybria truly believed that what the Dawn was doing was right. They performed the will of Mata Nui after all. This faith took a severe beating after an encounter with the Midnight. She was sent, along with the Mercenary, Sercatos and Relian, to assassinate its leader. After enaging him in a duel, Sybria was thrown off the side of a building. The fall nearly killed her, and left her needing intensive surgery. She took time to reflect how little Mata Nui cared about those who worked for him and the revelation that her beloved Great Spirit was really a Makuta was the final straw. She lost all faith, and became aimless and lost. She eventully met with like-minded Tagren and the two eventually left the dawn to start a shelter for Matoran.


Sybria is honest and true. She has always wanted to defend Metru Nui in any ways he could. She has a logical mind, good with calculations and strategems, but she has always been a bit erratic in behavior.

The shattering of her faith in Mata Nui has left her mind in a very fragile state

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sybria's only natural power is her ability to create gemstones with mind-bending properties. These range from Sapphires, which cause flashes of strobe lighting, and Opals, which grant telepathy, through to Amethysts, which give out a pulse of energy, and Coral, which binds an enemy.

Her Kanohi allows her to drain any kind of energy from her foes, be it Elemental Energy or simple strength.