Takrah as a Toa. Picture by Nid.
Gender Male
Species Shardling
Guild The Kin
Kanohi Kualsi shaped as an Avhokki
Native Unknown
Element Light
Weapon Broadsword called Heaven's Cleaver
Status Deceased
Creator Seraphim

Takrah was a character in the BZPRPG. He was a Shardling, a unique race created by Seraphim, with a convolted and depressing past. His actions are, with the exception of Saeras and Sha'i'tan, considered the most pivotal during the Santun Arc of the BZPRPG. He was played by member Seraphim.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Takrah had numerous, varying powers. His trademark ability was the shard of Soul Crystal embedded into his chest which allowed him to absorb the souls and personalities of those who died within a certain radius of him. He could consume these soul to increase his own powers or to heal himself. Due to the huge amount of souls he had claimed over the years, this in effect made him immortal. This also, to some varying degree, gave him access to those abilities, called 'shard abilities' at the expense of his own natural abilities. This was highly limited, as these newly gained powers were incredibly weak, with the exception of Kainrah. After meeting with his father for the last time to prepare for his fight with Sha'i'tan, he lost use of these powers with the exception of Kainrah's.

These natural abilities included control over 'light', allowing him to create, control, and destroy it, often with explosive results. His most often-used attack was to create a bow-and-arrow made of light, firing exploding arrows at his enemies. Though his light powers should give him access to healing powers as well, he has stated that he lost those a long time ago. At one point, he also had control over shadow as well, but this turned out to be one of his shard abilities.

His other notable power was his use of the soul of the Santun Kainrah. This allowed him to douse himself in Kainrah's crimson goo, which he had complete control over. This greatly increased his physical strength and the goo could be used to create weapons such as swords and scythes. Prior to his training with his father, he could not use this without losing control of his body to Kainrah's psychotic whims. However, after the training, Kainrah acted with him, now that they were bound to a single purpose. During his battle with the Changer, he also could use Kainrah to expel pure chaos as a sort of 'super lightning'.

Nature and PersonalityEdit