Species Matoran
Guild The Kin
Kanohi Powerless Great Pakari
Native Le-Metru
Weapon A rope with a protosteel hoop on the end, ECD.
Status Alive
Creator Taragii

Taragii is a Le-Matoran in the BZPRPG. He is played by BZP member tahakki-nuva.


Before he found the Kin, Taragii was rather happy-go-lucky, and would joke about serious matters. Now, though, after being involved in a large battle, he has seen the dark side of the world, and is more serious. He still retains his sense of humour, though.


Chute WorkerEdit

Taragii used to be a worker in the chute stations of Le-Metru. He would often go chute-fishing - reaching a hook into the chute and grabbing any valuable objects. He lived in a small house, with three other Matoran. They lost their home when Zyrul evicted them.


Taragii borrowed a large sum of money - 50,000 widgets - from a gang leader named Ryshe. He used this to buy a boat, but never paid Ryshe back. From then on, Ryshe was out to get him. Taragii was a sailor for several years. He had encounters with Direk and Velnoth, before arriving at The Kin's islet. His life was saved by Hua, and he was introduced to the Kin. He volunteered to accompany them on the mission to rescue Tommi, and was accepted.

Travels with The KinEdit

Taragii's arm was severed by Loki, and he was unconsious for most of the battle. He managed to close the wound before the battle in Ga-Metru, and fought there one-armed. He managed to survive. After the battle, he was accepted into The Kin by Tommi.

Kin memberEdit

Taragii returned to The Kin's base. Yuki tried to re-attatch his arm, but could not as the tissue was dead. She taught him how to use the Bloodbrand.


At Zezak's Trial, he became Zezak's defense lawyer after Tommi was poisoned.

Replacement ArmEdit

To assist the Kin during a TUS attack, Taragii decided to make a mechanical arm himself. With the help of a Kin computer, he crafted one out of protosteel, and then fitted it with an ECD.


Taragii went with the other Kin to Ko-Metru after Saeras Islet was destroyed. When the Kin broke, he found himself in a battle with the Santun. He escaped, fleeing to Le-Metru.