The Storm was one of the many factions within the RPG The Gate. It has since dissolved into 2 new factions, the Loyalist Storm and the Tempest.

Origins Edit

Following his reestablishment as the Brotherhood of Makuta's head, Makuta Teridax proceeded to swell the Brotherhood's ranks with Gate-exposed mutants. While most of these experiments were resounding successes, there were a fair share of failures. Mutants dubbed physically or mentally unfit for combat in the Brotherhood's name were locked in the dungeons of Sessen's main fortress. Trapped by stone walls and locked doors, and surrounded by armed guards, the mutants were left to rot in their prison-and their dreams were filled with visions of one day exacting harsh vengeance from their captors.

Zenn's Escape/ The Zyglak Alliance and the Freeing of the Prisoners Edit

In an effort to bring the process of Hybrid mutation to its zenith, Teridax submitted one of his Makuta brothers and a Toa to be mutated into a single being of immense power. However, the experiment proved to be a total disaster, as the new mutant had retained his noble Toa mentality. Overpowering Teridax and other Brotherhood soldiers, Zenn fled the fortress, and vanished into the island's unexplored territory.

After wandering for several hours, Zenn reached his destination: the stronghold of the Zyglak who were serving in Teridax's army. Once granted entrance (not an easy task), Zenn persuaded the Zyglak's leader, King Hrothgar, to sever ties with Teridax and side with him. With the alliance formed and a dangerous force at his command, Zenn proceeded to steal a ship from the Sessen harbor.

Before he set sail, however, Zenn remembered that there were other mutants like himself, imprisoned beneath the Brotherhood's fortress. Punching a hole in one of the dungeon's walls, Zenn released the prisoners, who almost immediately rallied to their savior's banner.

With his army now formed, Zenn set sail from Sessen, his destination Metru Nui...

(To Be Continued)