Species Toa
Guild The Kin
Appearance A Metru-style Toa, primarily gunmetal with black as a secondary color. His mask is the same as Vamprah's, minus the fangs, with gunmetal in place of blue and black in place of silver.
Element Magnetism
Weapon Wrist daggers
Status Deceased
Creator Munkiman

Tyr was a Toa of Magnetism in the BZPRPG. He was played by member Munkiman.

Tyr was once leader of a Toa Team on his home island. One day a mad Tahtorak attacked the city he protected, killing over a hundred Matoran. The Toa subdued the beast after a long battle, but Tyr, adhering to the Toa code, refused to kill it. Instead, he had it locked away in a cave, deep within the island's volcano. Years later, the Tahtorak finally broke free, and this time it killed the Toa guarding its prison, and destroyed half the city, nearly a thousand Matoran, and Tyr's best friend. Tyr went into a rage and slayed the Tahtorak, but in his anger he lost control of his powers and killed the other Toa of his team as well. Dishonored and heartbroken, he exiled himself and became a wandering hero, trying to make up for his past mistakes.

He came to Metru Nui recently, and lived on the streets in Ga-Metru for an undisclosed period of time. He heard the commotion in the Great Temple and went to investigate, finding a full-scale battle between the Kin and the United Shadow, and TUS's ally the Remnant. After a brief mix-up, Tyr aided the Kin and fought to protect the sacred Great Temple.

He joined the Kin, having been taken to Saeras Islet after being knocked unconscious by the Nogan Airahkasha. However, soon afterward, he was attacked by the Santun Sorath know as the Changer, masquerading as Takrah during the trial of Zezak. He was hospitalized, but died during the TUS invasion of Saeras Islet, and all traces of his body were obliterated by the blast that destroyed the island.


Tyr is good-hearted, but rather disillusioned with the world. He is also a total zealot to the Great Spirit Mata Nui, having turned to religion after his fall from grace. He is willing to kill for what he thinks is right, and gives no mercy to the irredeemable - although he believes that most beings can be redeemed if they try. He speaks with a slight foreign accent, suggesting that he is not native to Metru Nui.