Species Hollowed One
Group Praetorium Karzahnium
Appearance Natural state looks a lot like tar but he is capable of shapeshifting
Element NA
Status Alive
Creator The Power That Is

Tz'kes is a malevolent and often sadistic creature. He is played by The Power That Is.


The Hollowed Ones are a race of creatures that shouldn't exist but decided to anyway. They are ultimate parasites, unable to take even a simple form without adopting it from someone else. The lifestyle of a Hollowed One is fairly simple. They just lounge on a beach most of the time, occasionally devouring the odd crab. Many get tired of this, and Tz'kes was one such example. Seeking a break from the boredom, he found Metru Nui. He showed up at the Citadel of the Dawn announcing that he was becoming a Bounty hunter so did they have any missions for him? He became pretty effective at tracking down and defeating members of the Dusk. However after being hired to eliminate six Matoran trouble makers he ended up on the wrong end of most of the Dusk in Metru Nui and ended up exhausting himself in a battle in Ga-Metru after causing a Nova Blast of every element he could muster. After being forced to flee into the Silver Sea, he wound up on Ko-Isa with the Praetorium Karzahnium. The Ignika did not care for his attempts to mimic it and forcibly recruited him. During a scouting mission for the Praetorium, Tz'kes and his unwilling partner Geist clashed with the Dusk in Po-Metru, a battle which led to the death and subsequent ressurection of Jannifai

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tz'kes natural abilities are shared amongst all Hollowed Ones. They act like living sponges and soak up any powers in a certain radius, able to mimic any number of them at a time or even fuse them into a new power. Tz'kes cannot take any form other than his natural tar-like state unless he is mimicking it from someting else. He can only take a single form, he cannot chop and change. Physical touch grants two options. Tz'kes can force himself into yor mind and scan your memories, absorbing thm into his own. Or he can suck all the life out of you, leaving you as a burnt-out husk.