Species Steltian (Krekka's Species)
Group Team Empire
Appearance One of Krekka's species, much like Krekka in appearance but a little slimmer, though still large enough to crush a Matoran in his fist. Each hand ends in three sausage-like fingers. Virex is colored bright red and dirt brown.
Element N/A
Status Alive
Creator The Original Munki

Virex is a Steltian criminal and a participant in the Tournament of Shadows. He is played by The Original Munki.


Virex originated on the island of Stelt, a land known for its heinous activities. Prodigiously bright from an early age (an oddity for his species), Virex fit right in. Through years of striving towards the top and smashing people's skulls with his fists, he became an infamous crime lord, in charge of half the unlawful business in three cities on his home island, and with connections on four other islands, including Xia.

Virex was invited to the 21st Tournament of Shadows on Xatai, and decided to accept once he had determined it was not a trap. He did this mainly for the honor, although he did have even darker motives: Tsukan, who ran the tournament, was wealthy and influential. The chance of stealing a mere fraction of the host's riches was too much to refuse.