Zezak is a Toa in the BZPRPG who was formerly part of the Academy. He was born in faraway island. His father was responsible for containing a parasite on their island, but Zezak had to be the catalyst. His father was the only good scientist among a long line of insane scientists trying to destroy their own people. After his father saved his people, a new catastrophe hit the island when a group of demonic beings attacked the island and killed nearly all inhabitants. Little Zezak, his baby sister Mora, and his recently pregnant mother were the only ones who got away.
Gender Male
Species Toa of Lasers
Guild Formerly The Kin
Native Metru Nui (Ta-Metru)
Element Lasers
Weapon Laser Wider sword hilt, which activates with a little bit of elemental energy; as well as a shield with chainsaw-like laser energy making up half of itself, the other half being protosteel
Status Alive
Creator Shark
- Zezak then grew up in Metru-Nui, in Ta-Metru. His mother took two jobs, one in archaelogy and another in guarding the city, while discovering that she was pregnant. It was too soon before disaster would strike Zezak's family again, with Dark Hunters coming and capturing his mother, and taking one of his young Zezak's prized inventions.
- Zezak vowed he would he avenge his mother one day and trained in technology to help. He and his sister moved in with his grandfather Chezak.
- Zezak then discovered that his father and his mother had gained quite a bit of money, which was his inherited by him. Zezak then began to use to give himself a great education. Zezak's school life was great grade wise, but pretty bad common-sense wise and not being- awkward wise. But he still had decent social life. There he met the love of his life...(TBC)
- (TBC paragraph)
- He then went off to a matoran college and graduated. When he discovered that the Academy had allowed normal matoran to become toa, he enrolled right away to become a toa.
- (TBC)
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