Zivran acd
RPG A City Divided
Species Skakdi
Faction Metru-Nash
Power Eye-beams - seismic waves which harm nothing but the target.
Element Venom
Weapon Tri-Claws
Status Alive
Creator Zyglakky Fighty

Zivran is a Skakdi in A City Divided. He is played by BZP member Zyglakky Fighty.


Zivran is a Skakdi who was born on Zakaz and trained in the ways of combat. Due to Spiriah's 'tinkering', Zivran discovered he could launch seismic beams from his eyes and release venom from his body. He excelled as a fighter and soon emissaries from Stelt had their eyes on their village, slowly and discreetly pulling away the best fighters. Zivran's mentor warned him about this danger, and urged him to flee to Metru Nui.

He arrived about the time the Swarm entered the city limits, so chaos was instant. There was hardly anywhere he could go for solace, but the good thing was he hardly required it. After getting into several skirmishes and becoming a well-known thief, he joined the Nash. He first was an assassin, and relished it. Then he tried stealing pieces for Vice, but that failed miserably. So eventually, he became the bodyguard of Silk, along with Gurnok and his brother, to protect the female Toa from a threat from the Swarm. The threat turned out to be the Twisted Toa of Green, Gradien, whom Zivran fought with to no avail.